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We Specialise in, Fibre to the Home, Fibre to the Business, Fibre Site Acquisitions, Customer Fibre Sign-ups with endless connectivity solutions

Multi Automation/vFibre is an independent telecommunications specialist broker and smart village consulting utilities company providing fibre based end to end connectivity solutions. We provide world class broadband connections, telecommunication solutions creating smart villages & cities with integrated layered services. We have partnered with some of SA's leading telecommunication companies to provide connectivity and IOT solutions to Developers, HOAs, Landlords & Customers. We assist Developers, HOAs, Landlords & Residents with scalable connectivity options and innovative technological applications to ensure the property is “future ready" and "ready to go"! Improving customer satisfaction & sales.

Our values: Integrity, Intelligence, Energy, Patience, Discipline & Respect

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  • Securing your premises is something on the mind of every business owner and with the ever-changing security landscape, you need a security partner that is covering you from all angles. As Vox Business Partners, we believe your security solution requires a multi-faceted approach to mitigate risk. The Vox Guardian Eye Security team have the experience and expertise to scope, design, install and project manage your security solution, from sale to implementation. From simple solutions to more sophisticated ones, we have a range of solutions tailor-made to your specific requirements.
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  • Data use doubles every year. New services emerge that require proper bandwidth. It will become progressively difficult for any technology, other than fibre, to support the future demands for speed and capacity we need.
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  • Vodacom Business Internet Wireless provides high speed Internet access from 2 Mbps to 80Mbps Uncapped and 10GB to 50GB Capped offerings.
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  • Vodacom One Net Business is a leading range of all-in-one cellphone, landline and video-conferencing solutions for your business.
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  • Are you concerned that your current security infrastructure may not accurately detect today’s sophisticated attacks?
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  • Don’t limit your life, connect your world and experience the momentum: choose Vox Fibre To The Home (FTTH)
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Smart Communities

Instead of being tied to a phone line or broadband connection, which can easily be cut or disabled, Alarm.com's security and home automation system and their proven technology platform works wirelessly through a GSM cellular network to maintain a reliable connection to Alarm.com security systems. Alarm.com systems will even continue functioning for 18+ hours if the power is cut.

Smart Metering

Protecting your assets and managing costs are an integral part of running a successful business. Our range of security-enabled products and services helps you keep track of all essential business activity. So whether you want to monitor your water and electricity consumption efficiently or receive alerts and detailed reports on key security areas, we have a solution to meet your need.

Smart Homes

Any device in your home that uses electricity and is connected to the automation system can be switched on/off or monitored at your command. Whether you give a command by remote control, tablet or smartphone, your home reacts. Lighting, home security, air-conditioning, water and electricity etc. can be managed remotely.

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