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The Vodacom Broadband Connect Fibre Service Plans provide high quality fixed-line broadband Internet access.

FTTB2Bundles Capped & Uncapped.

  • From 4Mbps to 100Mbps speeds
  • Bundled uncapped Business Internet and access services
  • One CPE per service plan is included
  • Vodacom will install all relevant equipment including the Broadband Router and fibre termination device.
  • The service is scalable over the same infrastructure
  • 24/7 service and call desk support
  • Superior support service
  • Optional fixed-line Voice that does not eat into your usage. Options of up to 20 business quality, IP-Talk (VoIP) connections offering cost savings of up to 30% on your monthly voice account and free on-net calling from one IPTalk to another IPTalk-connected site.

Business grade voice over a dedicated Voice channel (voice VLAN)

VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. Fixed-line Voice, up to 20 business quality, IP-Talk/VoIP connections (get all the benefits of VB IPTalk, like cost savings of up to 30% on your monthly voice account, free on-net calling from one IPTalk to another IPTalk connected site). You can order the additional required telephone devices from Vodacom as well, no need to shop around for your communication terminating device requirements.

Optical Network Termination (ONT)

The ONT connects to the Termination Point (TP) with an optical fibre cable, and connects to your router (CPE) via an LAN / Ethernet cable. It is basically a modem, translating signals from the fibre optic line from your TP into electronic signals that your router can read.

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

Vodacom FTTB small

The Huawei Home Gateway (HG659) will be used across the broadband connect fibre medium. The HG659 provides 4 Ethernet ports and 2 FXS ports for Voice over IP (VoIP) and/or Fax (T.38 and G.711) services. The device also provides Wi-Fi access for up to 25 users concurrently. Completely compatible with the TR-069 standard for complete remote management and diagnostic functions. The HG659 will be directly connected to the ONT.

PLEASE NOTE: The throughput over the wireless interface is much lower than over the Ethernet ports.

The core network enables Vodacom Business to supply the following product suite:

• Virtual Private Network (VPN)
• Multi-Protocol Label Switch (MPLS)
• Access Point Name (APN)
• Managed Hosting
• Hosted Call Centre
• Hosted SharePoint
• Hosted Exchange
• Hosted IP PBX
• Virtual Desktop
• Cloud Monitoring
• Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager
• Office 365
• Global Data Service Platform
• IP Talk
• Cloud Back up
• Video Collaboration
• mHealth (Mezzanine Health)
• SAP Business One (SAP B1)
• Vodacom Secure Device Manager (VSDM)
• Live Track
• Video Connect
• DNS, Web Hosting & Web Builder
• Business Cloud

FTTB3Benefits of FTTB which Landlords can tap into:

  • Improves the Landlords value proposition to its tenants having access to world class fibre at a fraction of the cost of procuring the fibre infrastructure themselves. Studies performed by the FTTH council of the USA show that Fibre infrastructure increased the value of each individual office by approximately R50, 000.00 due to service stability and increased bandwidth.
  • We have partnered with the FTTH council Africa in a national initiative to provide broadband over fibre to Office Parks in major metros. These properties will be listed on the FTTH council Africa's website as a fibre friendly facility and made available to potential tenants through the council's partnerships and associations.
  • Pricing benefits - Vodacom will be in the position to provide pricing benefits in respect of activation and subscription to these tenants. No activation fees will be payable by tenants subscribing to the service during the 1st 6 weeks of ratification of the Agreement, thereafter an activation fee will be charged.

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