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Smart metering does away with manual onsite metering reading
And measures consumption remotely and electronically.


  • Digital metering
  • Real-time electricity and water consumption/ measurement
  • Smart prepaid meters allow two-way communication that allows the reading of data of the meter and transmit to mobile or desktop device
  • Billing Systems integration
  • Cost savings
  • Improved Customer service
  • Reduced theft and fraud
  • Proactive Customer notification/management
  • Eliminate human error

AlarmMaster's electricity meter monitors all your electrical devices, letting you know which appliances are using the most electricity whilst providing accurate information on your over-all usage.

WaterMaster guarantees the measurement of every single litre of water you use. It offers a cost-effective solution to manage your businesses' water use.

GeyserMaster is a robust solution that provides 24/7 protection to dramatically reduce or eliminate the serious damage than can result when your geyser bursts. And it can save you money on your insurance premium as well.