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Everyday in South Africa several hundred geysers fail, often with disastrous consequences for your home. Nobody expects it to happen, but when it does the cost can run into tens of thousands of rands.

Used in conjunction with the AlarmMaster wireless automation system – and integrating seamlessly with Z-wave technology – GeyserMaster is a robust solution that provides 24/7 protection to dramatically reduce or eliminate damage to the geyser and prevent resultant damage to your property.

GeyserMaster is motorised brass ball valve with commercial grade seats and seals that automatically turns off the water supply as soon as a leak is detected. It comes in standard pipe sizes for convenient fitting. This patented device can easily be installed by a certified plumber or installer.


  • GeyserMaster minimises the damage that a burst geyser will otherwise cause.Geysermaster Image1
  • When a leak is detected, you are automatically alerted via a SMS, email or phone call and your monitoring centre is also notified of the incident.
  • GeyserMaster can be remotely controlled via the internet or an app on your mobile device or smart phone.
  • Installing a GeyserMaster entitle you to a reduction in your insurance premiums.


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