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PeopleMaster is a discreet, robust and intelligent device offering significant enhancements in providing personal security and in giving you the ability to monitor the whereabouts of your staff or your loved ones. This tracking device is entirely self-contained and requires no external connections or antennas. Its built-in power supply ensures years of operation and on-going communication capability. Simply place the device in a pocket, hang it around the neck or strap it to the arm and begin monitoring.

PeopleMaster gives you total freedom of movement with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your whereabouts can be determined at any time. PeopleMaster uses a combination of GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) technology to accurately identify the location of any person. It is simple to programme with a number of alerts and alarms so that you can be immediately notified if any "unusual" event occurs. It is monitored by the SmartSurv Wireless enhanced telematics platform which manages and relays the alarms and alerts so that immediate action can be taken if there is a problem or a call for help.

PeopleMaster offers a number of applications designed to enhance the security of yourself, your loved ones or your asset :


PeopleMaster can be used as an integral part of any perimeter or property surveillance strategy. By equipping security guards with this device, the control centre can see each person's exact position. The device can also be used to activate an immediate alarm in the event of an emergency. This allows for the rapid and effective coordination and deployment of resources in response to any incident.


As a parent, you know that your children's personal safety is paramount. When they are carrying or wearing a PeopleMaster device, you have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where they are at any time. They also have the ability to alert you immediately if they are experiencing a problem.


For those who like to 'get away from it all' and pursue sporting endeavours in remote environments, PeopleMaster gives you peace of mind that you can be located in the event of an accident or if you become lost. It also has a 'man-down' function which sends an alert if the device changes its plane from horizontal to vertical, often the indication of an accident or injury.


The PeopleMaster device has buttons that can be pre-programmed to summon assistance to a specific location or for a specific reason. This is of great benefit to the elderly and / or to people with disabilities who wish to retain their independence because it gives them the security of knowing that they can summon assistance if the need arises.


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