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 Vox Guardian Eye


  • Enterprise grade physical and digital security to protect information
  • Self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm
  • Reduce video archive by determining if the video is an alert, a true motion,any motion or no motion
  • Increase in operator situational awareness
  • Efficiently use bandwidth by screening 100% of video before it is transmitted
  • Capability to monitor areas with High Motion
  • Integration into the Unicode Database ensuring real-time flagging of suspicious or stolen vehicles
  • Process and action alerts efficiently
  • Escalations of alerts to Armed Response
  • Automation and digitisation of support requests
  • 24 Hour incident and technical support and reporting structure
  • Vox's Basic Guardian Eye security solutions contain the security essentials to make your world a safer place.

Managed Monitoring

Giving you peace of mind that your premises is secure, our managed monitoring solution ensures that there is a constant eye on your premises so that you can focus on growing your business. Manned by professional, industry
accredited personnel, we monitor and control your business premises via a remote control room environment,alerting armed response emergency services and the South African Police Services (SAPS) when your premises is at risk.

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Virtual Guard

Premises patrol just got smarter and more cost effective with Virtual Guard. Eliminating the need for guard patrol, we will patrol your premises, as often as you want, from the comfort of our control centre. Not only does this save you
money but it also guarantees that you get the service you pay for.

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Event Monitoring

Research has proven that, to be effective, no operator should monitor the same set of cameras for more than 30 minutes. This is why Event Monitoring, from Vox, is fast becoming the leading security solution for South African
businesses. Pushing video footage to the operator when key triggers are activated, Event Monitoring ensures the operator is always engaged and that risks are identified and dealt with speedily.

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Vox has partnered with Milestone, a Video Management Software (VMS) company, to take your security to the next level with facial and number plate recognition software as well as video analysis and analytics.

Automated Video Analysis

Without analytics, the increase in camera numbers merely means more unwatched footage and a greater archive for forensic analysis post incident. iSentry, our video analytics software, automates the bulk of your surveillance monitoring, giving you real-time alerts and leaving humans as critical decision makers when it comes to security risks.

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Post Event Analytics

Using a video synopsis tool, BriefCam, we’re able to rapidly review, search, analyse and put together a detailed presentation of events that occurred after your security has been breached. Minimising the need to trawl through
hours of footage, we’re able to locate events of interest and reach targets more quickly.

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Automated Number Plate Recognition

Perfect for community security companies, we’re able to scan every number plate entering your neighbourhood or office park and identify whether the vehicle is stolen or on the SAPS criminal database. Sending you a notification when these suspicious individuals are in the area, we’re able to keep these unwanted people off your streets long before a crime is committed.

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Retail Analytics

Taking your video surveillance and analytics to the next level, Retail analytics from Vox will be able to use features such as facial and gender recognition, dwell time, and unusual behaviour detection to identify suspicious individuals lurking around your neighbourhood, office park or retail outlet. By analysing shopper behaviour, retail outlets and property managers are able to optimise layouts, displays, and staffing requirements.

Guardian Eye

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